As you get older, your skin goes thought a number of changes. Some procedures can help you look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside, forexample BOTOX, IPL. These are the quickest procedures are described as lunnchtime procedures and are sometimes referred too as minimally invasive procedures. Patients with more effective longer lasting results from surgical facelift and neck lift options.

Face lifts are among the most common plastic surgeries performed today. If you're not happy with the body you see in the mirror, you 're not alone. Patients benefit both mentally and phsycally from facelift. It gives for you more power, joy, contentment and self-esteem in everyday life.



The purpose of the anesthesia is the pain relief from the beginning of the operation till the end.

The Facelift can be done under local anesthesia and general anesthesia.

Facelift surgery:

The clasic facelift surgery requires an incision in the skin around the ear and hidden into the hair.

Our commitment is to hide facial scars around the ears and hairline, and  meticulous closure of the skin to ensure smooth annd natural curvatures of the tissues avoid unnatural irregular lines and displacement of hair.

After the procedure

After the procedure there is a support bandage that applies pressure to the face and neck for a couple of days. Most of the stiches are removed between 1-2 weeks. Altough strenuous activity should be avoided for 4 weeks.


A facelift can rejuvenate your facial appearance by turning the clock back, reversing signs of facial ageing including sagging of facial soft tissues and skin, correcting the loss of a sharply defines neck and lifting deep facial lines that have occured as a consequence of facial droop. ( As you can see in the photos.)

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