Hair Replacement surgery

Hair Replacement surgery

Hair transplants are the best option for you, you can feel comfortable knowing that board- certified plastic surgeons have been sucessfully performing this type of procedure for more than 25 years. The hair replacement has become exremely popular among doctors and patients in the past few years. The special operation techniques using very small grafts provides a natural effect and definitive result.

The truth about hair loss

Baldness is often blamed on poor circulation to the scalo, vitamin deficies, dandruff, and even excessive hat wearing. All of these the theories have been disproved. I is also untrue that hair loss can be determined by looking at your maternal grandfather, or that 40 year old men who haven't lost their hair will never lose it. Hair loss is primary caused by a combination of: aging, change in hormones, and family history of baldness. As a rule, the earlier hair loss begings, the more severe the baldness will become. Hair loss can also be caused by burns or traume, in which case hair replacement surgery is considered a reconstrutive treatment, and may be covered by health insurance.

Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation involves removing small pieces, of grafts, or scalp from the places where your hair continues to grow. These may be micro-grafts of one or two hairs, mini-grafts of a few hairs, or larger of up to 40 hairs.

The grafs are inserted into tiny slits or holes the surgeon makes in your balding scalp. Single-hair grafts are usually used for the soft hairline. The hair on theback and sides of your head usually grows thougout your life, so you don't have to worry about losing it after it's transplanted.

Surgery can take up to 8 hours, but you'll go home the same day. Depending on things like how dense you want your hair to be and how much scalo you need to cover, you may need several sessions of surgery and several months  between them to heal fully.

Recovery from transplant surgery

For the first day ot two, you may have pain, discomfort, and welling, Within several weeks, much of your newly placed hair will fall out. This is normal. It will start to grow back within 3 to 4 months, at about half an inch per month.


It is up to you to use this kind of surgery method!




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