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Dr. Ivanics György
surgeon, plastic surgeon
legal expert
institute chief physician
BOTOX specialist
Dr. Ivanics György is fully accredited in plastic surgery, the president for 8 years to Hungarian Society Plastic, Reconstutive and Aeshetic Surgery Private Surgeon's Section, and registered to International Confederation for Plastic Reconstutive & Aesthetic Surgery, and alos International Society of Aestheic Plastic Surgery

EDUCATION Head surgery/ Institut Leiterhirurg /:

Medical school: SZOTE (Szent György Albert University)
Internship: Baja, Orosháza Gen. Hospital
Surgical Residency: Szent György Albert University Szeged
Plastic Surgery Residency: Péterfy Hospital, Military Hospital, Budapest
Pitanguy Privat Klinik, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro



Dr. Jellinek Kinga 

Chief anesthetist
Specialist pediatrician

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