Rhinoplasty more commonly referred to as a nose job is a surgical procedure that reshape or resizes the nose.

Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose. It make the nose larger or smaller, change the angle of the nose in relation to upper lip, after the tip of the nose, or correct bumps, indentations, or other defects in the nose. It can chenge the size, shape, and angle of your nose and bring it into better proportion with the rest of your face.


Before and after results:

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Rhinoplastymay also correct stuctural problems with the nose that causes chronic congestion and breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty done using general or local anesthesia.

The result of rhinoplasty may be minor of significant, depending on what kinf of correction you want. It is important that you and the plastic surgeon agree on the goals of the surgery. In our clinic the consulting is free.


After surgery

The plint and bandaging around your nose will be removed in about a week.

Your face will feel puffy and the area around your eyes and nose will be bruised and swollen for several days. Cold compresses can help minimize the swelling and reduce pain. Your doctor may also recommend pain medicine. It takes about 10 to 14 days before most of the swelling and bruising improves.

You may need to keep your head elevated and relatively still for the first few days after surgery. It may be several weeks before you can return to stenuous activities.

Are you a candidate?

You will discover in our community that nose reshaping is often the answer to a number of conditions and aesthetic concerns:

- your nose appears too large for your face

- there is a bump on the nasal bridge when viewed in profile

- your nose seems too wide viewed from the front

- the nasal tip droops or plunges

- your nostrils are excessively flared

-your nose is off center or crooked

-previous injury has made your nose asymmetrical

- the tip is thichened or enlarged


A nose job is one of the most commonly sought after plastic surgery procedure. People today want their nose to be in perfect shape and ell-executed Rhinoplasty procedure can help them achieve that, and make you confident.

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